Hydroxy Carbon Cleaner 氢氧除碳机- New Release 2014

Hydroxy Carbon Cleaner 氢氧除碳机- New Release 2014

Hydroxy Carbon Cleaner 氢氧除碳机- New Release 2014

Finally, we launched the new HET, Hydroxy Engine Treatment machine a.k.a. Hydroxy Carbon Cleaner.

We are proud to roll this machine out to the market. Our relentless R&D and manufacturing capabilities have successfully achieved a new milestone with this product to benefit our customers in terms of cost, support, and reliability.

The major achievements of this new machine are listed as follows:

1. Zero Lost Electrolyser and Full Digital Controls

HET - Advanced Zero Loss Electrolyser

Advanced Zero Loss Electrolyser Design

The collective goal of gas production Efficiency, Consistency and MMW (Millimeters per Minute per Watt) performance is realized with a completely new Zero-Loss Electrolytic design. It minimizes current loss over a full operating amperage range (up to 50A). This is achieved with dynamic digital controls to optimize electrolyser throughput with real-time measurement of operating current, voltage, pressure, water ionization level, and temperature.

We have programmatically controlled electrolysis to achieve optimal MMW based on load as well as operating power. This is rated as a highly energy efficient machine especially to support long haul operation, 24x7x365.

2. Ionized Water for Optimal Electrolysis

HET - Water Treatment

Automatic Water Treatment – Refill, Filtration, Ionization and Electrolysis

Apart from the proprietary pulse-wave modulated power circuit to drive electrolysis, this machine has incorporated a pressure-controlled water ionization process to ensure water molecules are easily split into hydroxy gas with minimal electrical power. The beneficial effect is improved MMW with no heat overrun issues.

3. Modular Design

HCC cascading

HCC can be cascaded to boost gas output for more demanding applications

It can be cascaded to use for carbon cleaning or fuel supplement to tonnage range of commercial vehicles, oxy-acetylene gas cutters, or hydro-carbon fueled electric generators, industrial boilers and burners.

4. User Friendly Interfaces

Hydroxy Engine TreHET - Advanced Digital Controls

Hydroxy Engine Treatment Machine – Advanced Digital Controls

There are only 2 Buttons and 1 Dial Switch to fully utilize this machine – i.e. the On/Off Buttons and Low-Medium-High Operating Range Dial Knob. The LCD displays the critical operating parameters of the machine – lapse time, duty cycle, run-time against preset amperage, voltage & water ionization level. The analog gauge records the gas pressure.

HCC Front Panel

5. Triple Plus Safety Controls

From the gas output nozzle to the gas production chamber – there are 3 levels of safety measures against flash-back or implosion.

HCC Flash-back Arrestor and Advanced Power Module

HCC Flash-back Arrestor and Advanced Power Module

a) Apart from the gas output nozzle, there is an anxiliary hose that connects to the vehicle engine intake manifold pressure inlet to detect operating pressure. This machine can only be switched on upon detecting a working pressure from the vehicle engine. This safety measure is to prevent accidental turn-on of the machine without first connecting itself to the vehicle engine under service.

b) A flash-back arrestor is attached at the gas outlet nozzle;

c) Another flash-back arrestor is installed before the gas output nozzle connector inside the machine compartment for added safety.

d) Whenever the machine is left idle, an internal gas output pressure valve sensor will trigger automatic switch off of power to the Electrolysers to prevent unnecessary gas production beyond the preset gas pressure.

6. Minimal Support and Maintenance

HCC Side Door for Easy Maintenance

Compartmentalized components are easily accessible behind a locked side door, and another flip ‘n hinge panel.

This machine is Plug ‘n Play – simply connect it to an external power and water source and it is ready for continuous use. Water refill is automatic whenever it is connected to an external water source. It can be permanently connected to any water supply point. If not, it will buzz you whenever water falls below a threshold level. Each refill is good for 50 continuous carbon cleaning cycles.

The machine housing has incorporated easy-maintenance procedure for easy and safe access to replace and/or service components. Minimal training will be provided to our authorized service personnel.


We are confident that this product is at the fore-front of Hydroxy or Oxy-Hydrogen generation. The market potential is huge with the increase awareness of fuel economy, air pollution control, carbon tax and trading. We welcome serious venture capitalist to contact us to explore local manufacturing as well as continue research.


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