Intelligent Controller and Water Ionization 智能控制与离子水

Intelligent Controller and Water Ionization 智能控制与离子水

Intelligent Controller and Water Ionization 智能控制与离子水

HCC Water Treatment System 2

HCC Water Treatment System

Science students learned about Electrolysis in the lab. Any one can use brute force electrolysis to produce Hydroxy or Oxy-hydrogen gas. When it comes to design a reliable and efficient Electrolyser for industrial and commercial use, we need more than just using raw water and electricity.

In essence, we OPTIMIZE both electricity and water to enhance electrolysis. The goal is to split water effectively with less electricity and consequently, less electrical energy is loss as current leakage during electrolysis.

We achieved the optimization with Advanced Power Modulation and Ionized Water on a newly designed Zero Loss Electrolyser. The challenge to our design is that all these ingredients of optimal electrolysis are inter-related. We need an intelligent program to handle all of the above components in tandem with the dynamics of operating the machine. This is especially important if we are deploying it for long haul non-stop applications – e.g. 24x7x365 diesel or coal fueled Electric Generators.

We have successfully integrated all the above in an Intelligent Controller Unit. The icing on the cake is the use of Ionized Water. We have researched how the level of ionization (pH level) would impact Hydroxy production. The key is to produce optimized Hydroxy that would promote stoichiometric combustion – the ideal supplement to promote complete combustion of hydrocarbon fuel.

Zero Loss Electrolyser 零消耗氢氧电解机
Advanced Power Modulation 高效功率调制电源