Our pipeline HHO projects are…

Our pipeline HHO projects are…

Our pipeline HHO projects are…

We are convinced the escalating threats from Global Warming and *Energy Crisis will spur the development of alternative energy applications and the use of Green Energy resources. We are committed to our pipeline projects in HHO as follow:

We value your support to help fund for the initiatives below:

1. We have a complete end to end manufacturing blueprint inclusive of quality component sourcing to ensure our product reliability and support. We are opened to potential venture capitalist to collaborate with us to expand our current business. We need more funding to focus on our R&D on advanced electrolysis to complete our next range of green energy products.

2. Continue our R&D testing with Mixed Metal Oxide (MMO) coated Titanium and/or pure Titanium Substrate plates to achieve the highest possible electrolytic performance (MMW). Our up-coming electrolyser will be built with less metal, less or zero corrosion, less heat and energy loss, less amperage, less or no electrolyte, less water refill, less maintenance, less cost, less carbon footprint, less damage to our environment.

3. We have achieved significant success with our computerized Advanced Power Modulation control module. This has been incorporated into our current range of Carbon Cleaners which are highly energy efficient – they consume less electrical power to produce HHO on demand than our competitors. Our next breakthrough will focus on achieving High Voltage Electrolysis – very low current and no electrolyte will be needed to split water.

4. Catalytic Carbon (Google: “CC-HOD”) – The ultimate catalyst for electrolysis to generate Hydrogen on demand. Fancy this chemical equation :-

2[Al] + 3[H2O] + CC => CC + Al2O3 + 3H2 

NO electricity is needed to produce voluminous amount of Hydrogen on-demand! Could this be the holy grail for Hydroxy production? We are eagerly looking forward to explore this new discovery.

5. We will be deploying more electronics to wirelessly communicate and control our Electrolysers. This is the way forward to build a “Plug ‘n Forget” model. The underlying plan includes the use of your cell-phone or PDA to remotely record, adjust, and broadcast the operating temperature, water level, current, throughput, and fuel saving of an installed base. We will continuously be driving down the cost of ownership, leveraging existing communication devices and technologies to benefit our customers utilizing and managing our range of Electrolysers.

6. We value the support from our existing customers. We always seek to listen to our customers and will continue to improve our existing product design and service level. Thank you.

*Energy Crisis – The Earth and the Universe are made of constellation of atomic energies – traces of Hydrogen atoms are found everywhere – Hydrogen is the first element in the Periodic Table. There are many other viable, but somewhat “suppressed” alternative energies exist on planet Earth. Energy abounds, but the World started with fossil fuel and has since over-dependent and addicted to it…

I reason that this is the cause of the Energy Crisis problem. It is an undeniable fact that the oil reserve is dwindling, but there are alternative fuels we can use. There certainly is a deep rooted conspiracy theory beneath the Crisis. Is it not understood that Man has allowed Oil to dominate and control our existence? Further than Global Warming and the adverse environmental impacts, the evidences or evils of this Crisis can be traced to the causes of wars, conflicts, diseases, hungers, and the many human sufferings and miseries.

The real problem lies not on Energy, the Crisis is due to human greed.    

/Fred Chong

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