Zero Loss Electrolyser 零消耗氢氧电解机

Zero Loss Electrolyser 零消耗氢氧电解机

Zero Loss Electrolyser 零消耗氢氧电解机

HET - Advanced Zero Loss Electrolyser

Advanced Zero Loss Electrolyser Design

Our experience in applying Hydroxy to reduce fuel consumption on 1,250 KVA Electric Generators has spurred on the development of this new Zero Loss Electrolyser.

We do reason with skeptics that there is no Free Energy. In the conversion of energy, there is always a need to account for the change of energy from one form to another. A real life example is why approximately only 70% of your car engine power is transferred to your wheels. Up to 30% of the available energy is loss in the process of energy transfer. This loss can be attributed to the mechanical transmission from the engine pistons to drive the wheels. Thus “Zero Loss” has always remained a dream. However, there are ways to reduce such loss as in the case of designing the Electrolyser.

There are Electrolytic principles we have to adhere to in order to achieve an ideal “near zero” loss performance. Apart from the structural design, our Zero Loss Electrolyser has factored in both the electrical and chemical properties of the components in use. The objective of improved electrolysis is realized by facilitating the optimal operating pressure and temperature for our electrolytic cells.

Obviously, the Electrolyser is just one of the components to start an electrolysis. I will cover the other components to split water in another posts.

Intelligent Controller and Water Ionization 智能控制与离子水