Yo , Aiyo or Aiyoyo

Yo , Aiyo or Aiyoyo

Yo , Aiyo or Aiyoyo

YO is a messaging apps that was created in a day or a few hours in Tel Aviv. It would seem like it garnered a one million dollar funding the following day. Whatever happened then, the funding and support to YO is real.

It is probably the most unexpected or almost bizarre start-up from no way. A fairy tale. Expectedly, such a success story is quickly spinning off a similar copy of the apps, it is called Aiyo in India. Rather like a Chinese exclaiming in pain!

If I would duplicate a copy, I would call it Aiyoyo. I am not surprise someone has already started something similar.

So what is YO?

It’s a very simple mobile text messaging application that allows user to send out a 2 letter word to greet anyone, “Yo”. That is it. Ironically, a glaring security flaw was discovered within weeks after its official launch. Nonetheless, the funding keeps heaping in.

A Big Lesson on Go-to-Market 

The above is a BIG lesson about “go-to-market”. Researcher stays in the lab forever but businessman is supposed to bring the first prototype to market. *Guy Kawasaki reminded us about the primary “1st Death Magnet” of doing business, we must avoid the old thinking that “The best product wins”, it is NOT! We may not be cut to be a Revolutionaries but we seriously need a paradigm shift about go-to-market or we will be left behind trying to do the catch up in our stinking cell and bite the dust!

In retrospect, I have had sleepless nights preparing presentation to potential VC, I am awaken to the fact that either I am a terrible salesman or all my VC are probably dumb.

Sorry for the above venting. I may take up any suggestion to start working on my Aiyoyo.

Nonetheless, I am already going at my pace with my Hydroxy thingy looking for potential VC.

Apology for this post, it seems to have gone yoyo. For me, this is a sober reminder that I should continue to stay tuned to someone, a VC like that of YO to answer my call. Or else you will be receiving an “Aiyoyo” from me real soon.


*Guy Kawasaki – an adaption from Rules For Revolutionaries (ISBN 0-88730-996-8)…chapter 6, page 106.


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