Daniel Dingel And His Secret Inventions

Daniel Dingel And His Secret Inventions

Daniel Dingel

Daniel Dingel’s Car Bonnet

We have the privilege to know and learn from this remarkable man, Daniel Dingel.

He looks no different from any ordinary Pinoy. I think he spent all his life tweaking water-powered car in his garage. I want to remember him as someone bigger than any President of the Philippines because his invention is simply spell-bound. The irony is for anyone to accept the news that his “water-car” secret was probably buried together with him in his grave. I was told he died an old man (80+) in October, 2010.

When I was visiting Manila in 2013, I was still thinking that he is alive.

Why I believe his invention is true? As any poor South East Asian, our science knowledge is probably sparked off from our fascinations with cars or electric toys. There is less likelihood that we will reason how things work from the other end of the same equation – This is how I would explain it: We would likely make a Car Battery rather than a Fuel Cell before hooking it up to run a car.

I can reason and believe that the former is the most logical solution to run a car – you use a battery to produce hydrogen and then use it to run your car engine in place of petrol or diesel. In contrast, most major car manufacturers are spending millions to build their versions of a Hydrogen Fuel Cell car. Daniel Dingel would use only cheap tap water to generate Hydrogen from his Reactor, powered by an ordinary 12V car battery. So it does not take much imagination for me to recognize him as the better inventor.

We have more to understand about Daniel’s Honey Comb Separator or Reactor (we may call it a Hydrogen Generator or Electrolyser, but seriously there is more to it).

Daniel Dingel's honeycomb

Daniel Dingel’s honeycomb


It is not exactly clear as there exists no documentation on how Daniel’s Honeycomb Separator works to separate Hydrogen from Oxygen. And how he could integrate a thermoelectric generator using bismuth inside the same reactor? The honeycomb separator and bismuth are the key components to his Water Fuel Cell. In essence, Daniel’s Reactor is both a Battery and a HHO generator.

From the other end of the globe, I believe Stanley Meyer would have no problem understand it. I have no idea if he had any chance of examining Daniel Dingel’s Reactor least they have ever crossed each other’s path. If he did, Stanley’s buggy would probably look much simpler than it is or NASA would not have recognized it.

Whether those hidden Solenoid coils, Resonant circuit, and the writings under Daniel’s car bonnet are just distractions or decoys to you and me? I wouldn’t know. But the fact remains that Daniel Dingel did make a water-powered car ahead of Stanley Meyer.



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