Bloom Box: The Alternative Energy that Terrifies Obama

Bloom Box: The Alternative Energy that Terrifies Obama

Bloom Cube

Bloom Cube – This is more than enough to power your whole house!

Bloom Box could be an alternative energy. The technology and the establishment behind it have remained low profile. Thus, little is known about this new energy source. The energy is derived from cubes, which are fuel cells made of layers of substrates coated with special materials (classified) – 

solid oxide fuel cell

Solid Oxide Fuel Cell inside Bloom Box

it generates electricity when one side is exposed to oxygen while the other side is “feed” with other fuel sources, e.g. natural gas, landfill gas, bio gas, fossil fuel or solar energy.

It certainly has caught the attention of big companies but it has yet to be known how it could be “terrifying” to anyone.

It is NOT a free energy as it does “consume” oxygen, natural gas or fossil fuels, and therefore would have its “harmful” by products (not mentioned in the video). It is not clear how Green is this Bloom Box?

I will try not to be taken in just because Google and eBay bought it.

I read and understand as much as you do. Please also read the comments to the video below.


HHO: The Clean & Free Energy!

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