Bob Boyles And His VeriChip Implant

Bob Boyles And His VeriChip Implant

Bob Boyce

Bob Boyce

Norman Robert Boyce, aka Bob Boyce is a well respected inventor of Ultra-efficient Electrolysis systems and of a Self-charging Battery Circuit (harnessing energy from the air – Latent Energy. Google: “zero point energy” and “overunity” for more info.). He had contracted terminal cancer and it was traced to a VeriChip, a type of microchip that someone had implanted into his right shoulder without his knowledge or permission.

You probably have read about implant of chip, the size of a grain of rice, into human body for good reasons – to facilitate instant retrieval of the subject’s health or medical records. It could probably be just an electronic Id stored on the chip, which can be scanned externally – to read and to write(update) info as desired.

Think of you making a doctor appointment without having to tag along any of your medical record. Your doctor would just scan your implant to read and update your health record at ease. Your medical history is with you, it is implanted inside your body.



These chips are already available and I want to believe that there exists a governing body to control its information access and applications for the common good.

Beyond this, it is perfectly ok to let your imagination take flight… I know what you can think of when it comes to expanding the implant chip applications from just medical records. The truth is we certainly want nothing to do with an implant especially when we are under anesthesia, as was the case with Bob Boyles.

Here you can read more from Bob’s close encounter with his VeriChip:

Bob discovered a VeriChip implanted to his right shoulder from its RF, Radio Frequency emission – it’s an active Chip that may be associated with a *GPS surveillance system.

The moral of the above story is to confirm the real threats (from the World’s principalities) to all the forerunners and their pioneering efforts in HHO or Hydroxy research. More related true stories about Stanley Meyer and Daniel Dingel are posted in this website.


*GPS surveillance system – This is no longer rocket science. Google is already using this technology to locate your whereabout with permission. Your Google Maps, cell-phone and all GPS ready devices are all capable of tracking your location albeit with your permission. Imagine your vulnerability if someone has intentionally implanted a GPS tracker in your body without you knowing it… The motive in the Bob incident is apparent to him as his Free Energy discovery could likely be regarded as a real threat to the establishment then. 

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2 thoughts on “Bob Boyles And His VeriChip Implant

  1. Englebert

    That is cool….but still not sure how the GPS can be inside that tiny chip. As far as I know GPS require energy source….

    1. Fred Chong Post author

      The VeriChip is understood as passive RFID as it derives power from the “Scanning” source. However an active version is theoretically possible with an embedded capacitance power source. It is unclear how Bob discovered the RF emitting from the second chip implanted deep beneath the first one . Due to the political sensitivity surrounding Bob’s discovery, he had encountered a lot of difficulty getting a certified surgeon to “systematically” remove the second Chip while keeping all physical evidences completed with medical reports. Bob found the Chip to resemble that of VeriChip. More info –

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