The MiniJack will fit into any vehicle…

The MiniJack will fit into any vehicle…


There are challenges that confront us in designing the MiniJack with an attractive Acrylic see-through housing. Can it withstand the heat and will it leak?

Watch the MiniJack live in a 1.1Litre Kia Picanto!

Precision laser cutting has made light and eliminated an earlier fear of sealing a leak-free contact joints. Use of special Acrylic cement and cementing technique also will ensure a strong and robust construction. The Acrylic will not melt down before you have blown your safety fuses. Obviously, it has to work within the current limits of your vehicle auxiliary power supply. Be always mindful of power efficiency and we believe this attractive design will be appealing to any true breed HHO techies and enthusiasts.

We will embark on Acrylic molding to further enhance our construction technique but this will remain a customization option for now. Nylon will certainly be a stronger material for building the MiniJack but it will not be transparent.

The MiniJack will continue to adopt a wet-cell approach for its better-than-dry-cell gas production efficiency and consistency. The reason is simply this, the unobtrusive free-flow of gas and electrolyte is promoting high gas output per cubic mm of electrolytic cell surface. It should be energy efficient as long as we maintain its operating temperature below boiling point.

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The MiniJack, our new Energy Star...