Video 15: – Test Drive Pure Hydrogen Generator

A slim design with 2 Cathode & 1 Anode sandwiched between 2 Neutral active plates, this Electrolyser is all willing to take up to 18Amp 12V to churn out a healthy 1.5LPM of pure Hydrogen albeit with some heat building up over a 2 1/2 hr journey. The fuel economy is a hefty 30% gain in spite of the heavy driving up hill, the power delivery is smooth and exhilarating for my mere 150HP SUV. The Hydrogen should help cover 480KM with 48 litre of RON95 unleaded petrol with less spirited driving. A bigger unit with 4N plates will be ideal to generate enough Hydrogen for better result. Again, this run has underscored the fact that pure Hydrogen will be the ideal solution for any new fuel injection engine without the hassle of adding in an EFIE.