> Why Hydroxy?

Why Hydroxy Engine Treatment is the most cost effective method used to overhaul internal combustion engine?

You probably have heard of other treatment products that are based on petrochemical as the engine cleansing agent. You may purchase a can of such product and pour it directly into your fuel tank. This cleansing agent will mix with your fossil fuel and is said to clean everything it makes contact up to the point when it’s ignited along with the fuel inside the combustion chamber. It may appear to be an ideal treatment as no mechanic is needed to effect the engine cleaning. However, there are adverse reports of leaky engine caused by accelerated engine and valve seals damage, traced to regular use of a typical off-the-shelf chemical-based cleansing product!

It follows that these cannister-packed detergent products may not be completely safe to use due to its intrinsic chemical properties. One must understand the stubborn carbon deposits and worst, the varnishes that glued on the valve seatings and piston surfaces will unlikely be effectively cleansed using chemical in a typical combustion chamber – imagine detergent working inside a ‘washing chamber’ filled with non-stop explosions!

The ideal non-intrusive method to overhaul engine component is nonetheless to avoid the manual chores of individually grinding and polishing the valve seatings and pistons, this is time-consuming and costly, moreover, it is difficult to restore engine back to its past glory or may inadvertently introduce undesirable engine tuning problems.

Hydroxy in its gaseous stage will readily and instanteously fill with the air intake before each combustion with your regular fuel injection, in fact, the flame-front of a typical hydroxy explosion is much faster than the regular engine stroke or cycle, the hydroxy will promote near complete fuel combustion (with less undesirable carbon, nitrous, and sulfurous residuals) giving a clean punch when it explodes, more importantly, it traps the explosion before the engine reaches its Top-Dead-Center (TDC) which incidentally, induces a powerful cleansing spike to knock off those stubborn carbon and varnish deposits. It is the highly explosive hydrogen components of hydroxy that contribute to those powerful spikes, it’s like exploding many small hydrogen bombs inside the combustion chamber to effectively clean your engine on every ignition cycle occurring within the combustion chamber.

Hydroxy is produced from pure water, it’s an alternative Green energy source. Hydroxy is introduced into your engine via the same air-intake conduit, there is no need to remove any engine part. Thus, Hydroxy Engine Treatment is fully non-intrusive, cost-effective, and completely safe to use. /Fred Chong

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