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There is seriously NO energy crisis. Instead, human greed is the real problem right from the beginning. Our vision is to help protect our environment by reducing GHG, Green House Gases using water as an alternative energy.

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A Plea to combat Global Warming due to Green House Gases, GHG… To All who care for our Mother Earth, The sea water level is rising, abrupt change in climate is raging catastrophic storms and hurricanes in more unexpected places, many lives and billions of dollars were lost and such…

Mobile HET Service

We are pioneering the use of Hydroxy gas to remove the stubborn carbon and varnish deposits found on the cylinder heads, valve seatings and piston surfaces of fossil fuel-based internal combustion chamber. The traditional way of overhauling an engine will involve the chores of removing and dismantling the engine, and then to grind and polish…


Why Hydroxy Engine Treatment is the most cost effective method used to overhaul internal combustion engine? You probably have heard of other treatment products that are based on petrochemical as the engine cleansing agent. You may purchase a can of such product and pour it directly into your fuel tank. This cleansing agent will mix with your fossil fuel and is said to clean…

Company Overview: AEW Sdn Bhd was founded in 2007. The Company forays in Green Technology started with our proprietary product codenamed FST, Fuel Saving Technology. It is based on Water-for-Fuel application utilizing Hydroxy or HHO, crafted as dual fuel or fuel-assist system to reduce fuel consumption, engine maintenance, and pollution due to toxic emissions. Our products have been successfully deployed to cars, buses, trucks, electric generators used in quarry and oil and gas refinery.
Pioneer Mobile Hydroxy Engine Treatment Service: Spurred from our market experience, we have successfully designed and manufactured our Hydroxy Carbon Cleaner or Hydroxy Engine Treatment machines - to Decarbonize and Cleanse internal combustion engines. We pioneered the Mobile Hydroxy Engine Treatment on-call service in the Klang Valley, Malaysia utilizing Hydroxy or commonly known as HHO gas. No need to remove or dismantle your engine, simply park and idle your car while the engine treatment is being performed. It takes 40 min to complete the engine cleaning. The potent HHO or Hydroxy gas is used to cleanse internal combustion engines of carbon and varnish deposits. It reduces engine frictions and harmful emissions, restores power, improves fuel economy and protects the environment!
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In Search For Sponsors or Venture Capitalists... Hydroxy applications are widely used for fuel reduction to vehicles in the form of HHO Generator Kits. Applications for carbon cleaning of hydrocarbon fueled engines (including big electric generators), metal cutters, fuel supplement for burners, boilers and incinerators are increasing. New applications include swimming pool maintenance, waste water or sewerage treatment, water sanitation, and recycling. Climate Change and Carbon Tax impacts will need all such green applications. You may have a higher call to protect our environment, please contact us for details.
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Mobile Hydroxy Engine Treatment We pioneer Mobile Hydroxy Engine Treatment or Hydroxy Carbon Cleaning on-call in the Klang Valley, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Call us for an appointment. 012 229 9703 | 017 725 7100 | 012 381 3838
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