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We are pioneering the use of Hydroxy gas to remove the stubborn carbon and varnish deposits found on the cylinder heads, valve seatings and piston surfaces of fossil fuel-based internal combustion chamber.

The traditional way of overhauling an engine will involve the chores of removing and dismantling the engine, and then to grind and polish the valve seatings and pistons piece by piece, this is time-consuming and costly, moreover, it is difficult to restore engine back to its past glory or may inadvertently introduce undesirable engine tuning problems.

In contrast to the above, our Hydroxy Engine Treatment is an ideal non-intrusive method to overhaul internal combustion engine components without having to remove or disassemble the engine. All it takes is to conduit the Hydroxy gas into the air-intake manifold of any car with a gas hose.

Below is a picture showing our Mobile Hydroxy Engine Treatment in operation, the Hydroxy gas is produced on-demand from a hydroxy generator shown on the right; The Hydroxy gas is fed into the air-intake manifold of the car under treatment as shown on the left picture. Our hydroxy generator unit can be mounted at the back of the car for mobility, this is to enable us to reach any customer on-call:

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