Video 04: Testing the LongJack, our new Advanced HHO Electrolyser!

The LongJack under test…

Well, of cause we did use a 12V car battery but then we want to show you that it can work equally well with just a PC Power Supply Unit(PSU). We have the LongJack switched on for a 24 hrs continuously run, we did not experience abnormal heat builds up(which contributes to current overrun issue), the electrolyte barely warms up like you could comfortably sip your cup of coffee. The operating current has moved up a little from 10 to 12Amp and so does the HHO production has jumped from 1.15 to 1.30 LPM. When you hook it up to your car alternator, the gas output is expected to increase to 1.5LPM around 15Amp. The beauty is that you won’t need to use a pump or fan to cool it.

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