– LongJack HHO Electrolyser sets the pace…

Amidst the strong online sales competition, we decidedly launched the new LongJack HHO Dry-cell Generator, specifically crafted and pre-conditioned for use with cars and trucks before shipping. The LongJack can safely produce between 1.5 to 3 LPM of HHO depending on the Electrolyte concentration and Current amperage used. The shipping content shall include full installation details and we are providing 24hr Online customer assistance.

It looks Cool with double conduits for electrolyte cooling; Robust and equally cool electrical Brass Terminals capable of handling 30Amp or higher, better than the conventional steel conductors.

It looks great and robust with double conduits for electrolyte cooling; The use of electrical Brass Terminals is ready for high current usage exceeding 40Amp, surpassing conventional steel conductors.

The dimension of the LongJack is 147mm(Width) x 281mm(Height) x 75mm(Thickness). Highly efficient hydrox gas production is expected from 3 Cathodes(H) & 2 Anodes(O) intersperse with 3 Neutral 316L grade Stainless Steel plates bolted in-between strong Heat & Chemical-resistant resin. Yes, Size Does Matter! This is the result of our extensive R&D and testing in the field to optimize the electrolyer dimension to consistently maintain healthy composition of Hydrogen in the HHO gas generated. This important aspect of electrolysis is usually neglected by others who made unrealistic high output claims from promoting their comparatively smaller HHO generators.

Top view of LongJack

Top view of LongJack

We don’t recommend anyone to apply brute force current exceeding 30Amp to the LongJack as this will inevitably drain power from the car battery and the alternator which otherwise is meant to drive other important auto safety systems, like ABS, EBS and ESP. No one should compromise safety by going beyond the power supply limitation of a typical vehicle. Under normal operating condition, the LongJack is more than able to boost torque and improve fuel comsumption to any 1 to 4 Litre engine convincingly.

The LongJack will be shipped with Total 3 meters run of high grade 10mm (3/8″) & 6mm (1/4″) hoses; Electrical wire is not provided.

FREE GIFT item: Potassium Hydroxide(KOH) flakes (good for 20 Amp) and 1 x Bubbler with refill cover made of polyuretherene.

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