– Clear Acrylic MiniJack HHO Electrolyser

minijack-p1    minijack-p2

These are the challenges of designing and constructing the MiniJack it must not leak under extreme heat and pressure !

The MiniJack follows the wet-cell approach for its better-than-dry-cell gas production efficiency and consistency. The rationale is simply this, the unobtrusive free-flow of gas and electrolyte is promoting high gas output per cubic mm of electrolytic cell surface.

We have had overcome a number of issues relating to heat management associated with a typical wet-cell, the MiniJack is testimonial of our success. We will share with you more on how we can offer you an energy efficient and mini size electrolyser that will fit into any vehicle.

The MiniJack™ compact dimension is 175mm(H) x 102mm(W) x 75mm(D). Electrolytic conductor consists of 21 plates of high quality 316L Stainless Steel configured as 5T + 4Nx4, i.e. 5 electrical Terminals (3 Cathodes & 2 Anodes) | 4 Neutrals for each of the 4 cells connected in parallel to accept 12V DC power source up to a maximum of 20Amp. The extra one Cathode will promote more Hydrogen production in a deliberate in-balance configuration.

Please check out other videos on MiniJack featured on this website.

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