Video 09: – Enhanced HHO Fuel Cells: MiniJack III on test in my SUV

This video is showing my enhanced version of the MiniJack III Series HHO Electrolyser comes with full suite of electronic controls – PWM, MAP & O2 Sensors boosting fuel consumption up to 60% averaging 120KM/hr cruising on highway.

The electrolytic conductor plates have been specially treated to maximize electrolysis and we have deliberately extended the Stainless Steel outwards like fins to provide unprecedented cooling surface absent from previous designs. Specifications: 2.2LPM @ 18Amp regulated by PWM. Air Fuel Ratio before intake manifold is managed by a Dual-stage MAP Control Unit. Catalytic Converter has been calibrated with an electronic dual O2 Sensor controller to economize fuel injection. Speed and power delivery calibration based on tacho speed limit set @ 6,500rpm & 178km/hr, this has been compromised with HHO and achieved in record time with up to 45% fuel saving while cruising at an average speed of 140km/hr on Highway. Engine is running exceptionally cool and quiet with exhaust end shinning like a clean water pipe. This is one hell of a HHO fuel cell powered SUV, you got to drive my SUV to believe why auto manufacturers will never build one like this!