Video 10: – Advanced HHO Electrolyser: Minijack III at work!

The culmination of our past 20 months of incessant R&D, numerous lab and road tests have finally paid off towards the design of this exceptional high performance product, MiniJack III Electrolyser.

Specifications: 5 x Cathodes(H) & 4 x Anodes(O) interspere with 3 Neutral plates per cell; Total 33 plates. Theoretical Gap Voltage is 12Vd.c./4 = 3 Volt d.c. per cell. Optimized electrolysis with specially treated 316L premium grade Stainless Steel.

Lab Tests: 3.8LPM @ 12Vdc 50Amp max (unregulated) operating in excess of 95 degrees F; 2.5LPM @ 12Vdc 30Amp (PWM regulated) operating within 75 to 85 degrees F.

Road Tests (Non-stop Highway cruise with 1 passenger avg 120km/hr over 230KM distance): 2.4LPM @ 13Vdc 25Amp (PWM regulated) operating at max 75 degrees F with water pump & cooling fans. 45% Mileage gain attained at high speed test avg. 140km/hr (Honda SUV: CRV 2.0); 60% Mileage gain at normal speed test avg. 120km/hr (cruise controlled) on Highway. Earlier Road Test with a 18-year old petrol powered 2.8 ltr Mitsubishi Pajero 4×4 yielded 70% fuel saving running @ over 50Amp (unregulated).

Electronics deployed: 80Amp rated PWM x 1; Dual stage MAP control x 1; O2 sensor x 1; Voltage Stabilizer x 1(Japan); Power Regulator x 1(Japan)

Test Conclusion:
1. The extra Cathode is reassuring with consistent Hydrogen production;

2. Min. 2 LPM HHO output is recommended for a 2 litre car;

3. Lighter non-SUV vehicle will certainly gain more mileage (i.e. 65% to 70%)

4. Engine runs smoother and quieter with very clean exhaust as evident from a shinning clean exhaust end.

5. HHO injection has certainly promoted complete combustion, throttle response is good with obvious engine power improvement (min 5% depending on the MAP control)

6. Fuel/Air ratio leaning with MAP control is effective to help optimize fuel consumption (be careful not to go too lean; If fuel is too lean, engine warning alert lamp will be activated and ECU will go into a undecisive loop, please stop and restart engine after reducing the lean ratio with the MAP control, this will help ECU to correct the fuel injection timing.)

7. A single stage O2 sensor is good enough with the presence of MAP control.

8. PWM, water pump and cooling fans are necessary to maintain a cool HHO Electrolyser and to prevent heat over-run which will lead to undesirable power drain.

9. Ron 95 fuel grade is highly recommended.

10. Voltage Stabilizer & Power Regulators are very helpful to ensure healthy power delivery to the ECU because much power is being drained from the alternator to drive the HHO Electrolyser.

Fred Chong (25 July 2010)